Lifetime Job Placement services are included with the cost of your tuition at Career Tech. We currently work with forty five carriers that hire new graduates directly from our school. We have ongoing employment partnerships with many national carriers including Werner, Swift, Schneider, Covenant, TransAm, Heyl, US Xpress, and Prime. We also work with national carriers who will hire students with prior background issues, including felonies and current probation/parole supervision, that are looking for an opportunity for new start in life. We work with you and extensively screen you to find the best possible job to fit you and your lifestyle.

If you are initially unsure about the type of trucking job that you are looking for, see a list of job types below:

OTR Drivers – Over-the-road (OTR) or long haul drivers drive several hundred miles per day, often times over several state lines. As pay is generally based on a per mile basis, OTR drivers have a large earning potential, but will often times spend a week or more away from home.

Regional Drivers – Regional truckers do much of the same thing that OTR drivers do, except that they are assigned only to one region of the country (southeast, midwest, east coast, etc.) Regional drivers still have fairly good earning potential and often get to be home on weekends.

Local Drivers – Local drivers often have consistent daily routes in their state or near their home and get paid on a per stop basis. Local drivers often get to be home on a daily basis.

Owner-Operators – Independent Drivers or owner-operators run their own business. They own their own equipment and pick their own routes and schedules.

Specialized Drivers – Specialized truck drivers can be either local or long distance and often handle bulk or oversized items. Such items may include large equipment or bulk liquid. Additional specialized training is often required, as well as license endorsements such as HAZMAT, double or triple trailer or Tanker.

We can find you a job based on your lifestyle and life demands.


Let us answer any questions you may have.