At Career Tech, you will learn many life skills that will make the difference between a job and a career, the difference between an employee and a professional, the difference between loving your work and hating your job, the difference between going through the motions of life running on a hamster wheel, and discovering that there is a purpose for your life.

Just think about it for a moment.

Does Your Current Job Offer Job Security?
How many truck drivers’ jobs can be replaced by computers or robots to haul freight over the open roads in an eighteen wheeler? The answer is ZERO!

How many Truck Driver jobs will be outsourced to foreign countries? ZERO!

Only people who qualify can be professionally trained to drive the big rigs!

Career Tech is building it’s reputation as a leader in training qualified, professional drivers. Our goal is for our graduates to be among the most sought after entry level drivers in the industry.

Areas of Study

Employment, Recruiting and Placement Specialist:

The Employment, Recruiting and Placement Specialist (ERPS) program is a 910 hour program generally completed in 40 weeks. The ERPS program prepares students to work in the human resources field, working to match workers with job openings that are appropriate for the worker to be successful in their new job. Students will learn about recruiting, staffing, training, job analysis, personality assessment, interviewing techniques, employment law, compensation and benefits.

Commercial Truck Driver Training:

The Commercial Truck Driver Training Program is a 160 hour certificate program that is generally completed within 4 weeks. The Commercial Truck Driver Training program is a fast paced program that works well for quick learners and students with prior experience in driving combination vehicles. The program consists of four courses of classroom lecture, safety theory, hands on training, yard skills, and vehicle inspection and vehicle operation. We train students to successfully pass the Florida Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Test and equip them to function as a licensed, entry level, commercial truck driver upon completion.

Advanced Truck Driver Training:

The Advanced Truck Driver Training program is a 320 hour certificate program that is generally completed in 8 weeks. The Advanced Truck Driver Training program is a slower paced program that consists of eight one week courses. The program goes into greater detail than the CDL program and provides additional behind the wheel training and meets the requirements of employers that require 320 clock hours of truck driver training. The Advanced Truck Driver program’s curriculum is based on the FHWA Model Curriculum and follows Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) curriculum standards.

Professional Truck Driver:

The Professional Truck Driver program is a 720 certificate program that is generally completed in 18 weeks. The first Advanced Truck Driver Training is considered Module 1 of this program. Module 2 consists of three courses that focus on greater experience on public roadways as well as owner operator business skills and compliance requirements for owner operators. Students who successfully complete this program will be able to pass the Florida CDL Test and be able to function as a licensed professional truck driver. Students will also be capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle solo as an owner operator.

Transportation and Logistics Specialist:

The Transportation and Logistics Specialist is a 1,ooo hour program generally completed in ten months. The program is designed to develop the student’s general employability relative to the supply chain management field. The program content is broad-based to reflect the cross-functional relationships common in supply chain management. Students will be exposed to related business practices with an emphasis being placed on understanding the planning, information acquisition, flow and distribution of goods and services while managing the complexity of operational linkages in a fast-paced global supply chain.



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